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Putting out a fire is not as difficult as recovering from the loss that it has brought. Restoration is physically and mentally challenging because you are clueless. You can’t decide where to begin and who to ask for help. Let Placentia fire damage restoration take care of your fire damage problem. We are situated in Placentia and our services are spread across Los Angeles, Orange County and San Bernardino.


If you are ever close to a fire, keep these tips in mind.

  • Fire spreads very quickly. Even if it is a small one, put it out immediately.
  • If you see smoke coming out of any house, call the fire department immediately because you neighbor might be in need of serious help.
  • Do not enter a fire damaged house without a breathing mask. There may still be noxious gases trapped in there.
  • Keep your family and pets safe.

Why Placentia Fire Damage:

A fire usually starts out very small but then engulfs the entire property and you are left with nothing but a worried state of mind. In such a situation, remember to call Placentia Fire Damage because we will provide you will quality professional help. Here are a few reasons why you should consider us.

  • Contractor’s state license #958554
  • 30-minute response time
  • Serving in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Bernardino
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • 100% insurance billing
  • Affordable packages with no compromise on quality of clean-up.
  • Well equipped
  • Certified technician by IICRC
  • Free Consultation

How is it done at Placentia Fire Damage

  • The first step of restoration procedure is inspection. We conduct a detailed assessment of the fire damage in the house, so the damaged things can be separated from ones which haven’t been harmed.
  • We assess the kind of smoke and soot produced by the fire and the magnitude of mess so that a cleaning action plan can be proposed accordingly.
  • The first step to restoration is securing all the windows and doors so your house can be saved from burglars. Once this process has been completed, the cleaning process begins.
  • The fire damages and residues that cannot be salvaged are removed from the house.
  • Those items that can be repaired, if movable, are sent to workshop and the ones that cannot be moved are repaired in the house.
  • Fire smoke cleanup begins after everything has been removed and there is room to work in. We have the latest equipment and qualified technicians to take care of the fire smoke cleanup. Various methods of cleaning are employed according to the type of soot, for example abrasive cleaning is done for greasy and heavy soot stuck on walls, floor, ceiling, and furniture.
  • Deodorization is the final step of fire damage cleanup. The mixed smell of smoke, water, and cleaning compounds will make it difficult for you to live in the house. Hence smoke deodorization is used to make the air breathable again.
  • We develop good communication with our customers so that they can ask us any question about the progress of fire damage restoration without any hesitation.
  • You will have a lot on your mind after the fire incident. Wellbeing of family and pet, finding temporary accommodation (if it is a house fire) and possible health concerns. Don’t let fire damage restoration be one of the problems.

    Call us now on 714-577-2002 and we will take the responsibility of reviving your house to the way it was before the fire. Locate us at Placentia, CA 92870.


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