Cold Water Extraction

Let us save your home before its too late. Cold water extraction will remove all standing water from affected areas, as we work to isolate the problem and prevent any further damage.

Do not try to remove standing water on your own, as this process requires water tanks, industrial air blowers and fans to perform cold water extraction and in place drying. We use infra-red cameras to locate hidden water pockets to make sure

In achieving our goal, we strive to use only non-intrusive technologies that will be highly effective in removing all water, but also create as little extra mess as possible. Our in-place extraction solution will be applied by our certified technicians in order to obtain maximum results and clear all water from your area as soon as possible.

Locate, Analyze, Evaluate:
• Light wand water extraction tool for the carpets
• Drag wand mid-way water extraction tool for the pads
• Water claws for carpet and pads
• Ridable water extraction tools for large amounts of water

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